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Saul Cohen is co-founder of Hammond Residential Real Estate, LLC – one of Greater Boston’s premier real estate brokerage firms.


An Early Breakthrough

“Early on, we were the first in this market to conduct a direct mail campaign. We mailed a photo guide. In those days we used amateur photography, amateur writing, but it positively blew the market apart.”


The Importance of a Direct Mail Campaign

“Our strategy is to mail consistently to a well-targeted list. Over time, people get familiar with us – we make the brand impression. They may not be in the market now but in time, they contact us.”


Why the Warren Group?

“We value our partnership with The Warren Group. We’ve come to rely on them and they are always very supportive. We value the tools they provide. Their marketing lists, and statistics fuel our campaigns. We need the full picture – total information. We get the pulse of the market from The Warren Group.”