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The Warren Group Webinars

Highlighted Video

Real Estate & Mortgage Data for Research & Academia

Originally aired 6/5/2024

What is covered in this webinar?

  • Overview of Partnership with Dewey Data.
  • Get an in-depth look of The Warren Group’s data sets available through Dewey Data.
  • Learn about The Warren Group’s data collection and data cleansing process.
  • Listen as National Account Executive, Trang Vu, answers various questions about Property Data, Deed and Mortgage Transaction Data, Pre-Foreclosure Data, Mortgage Assignment Data, Mortgage Discharge Data, Homeowner Association Data, and Automated Valuation Model (AVM) Data

Data & Generative AI for Credit Alternative Markets

Originally aired 2/27/24

What is covered in this webinar?

  • Overview of Partnership and Data: Discover the synergies between The Warren Group’s comprehensive real estate and mortgage data and ExchangeRobotics’ advanced AI copilot platform.
  • Get an in-depth look at the features of ExchangeRobotics’ platform and how it assists with liquidity management.
  • Learn how the integration of The Warren Group’s data with ExchangeRobotics’ AI platform will revolutionize credit decision-making, risk management, and operational efficiency across Banking and FinTech sectors.
  • Have your queries addressed in a dynamic Q&A session, empowering you with insights and knowledge to stay ahead in the evolving credit industry landscape.

Exploring NMLS & Loan Originator Contact Data

Originally aired 11/3/22

Data experts Trang Vu and Bill Visconti dig into The Warren Group’s newest data sets – NMLS and Loan Originator Contact Data – as well as our state-of-the-art Loan Originator and Mortgage MarketShare Modules.

What else does this webinar cover?

  • What is NMLS and Loan Originator Data
  • Geographic coverage and included fields
  • Benefits of our NMLS and Loan Originator Data
  • How different industries can utilize NMLS and Loan Originator Data
  • A step-by-step walkthrough of our Loan Originator Module

Finding New Business Opportunities With HOA Data

Originally aired 08/11/22

Data experts Trang Vu and Rose Zavala go in-depth into everything HOA data by The Warren Group has to offer. Learn why our data is the most detailed and reliable on the market and how you and your team can use it to identify and explore new business opportunities for growth.

Elevate Your Outreach With Marketing Lists Powered by The Warren Group

Originally aired 05/24/22

Have you been looking to hit the refresh button on your marketing efforts? Marketing lists from The Warren Group help eliminate the guesswork in targeting new prospects who would benefit from your products and services. Whether you’re a home service provider, real estate agent, lending professional, financial professional, or insurance professional, this webinar will explore the ins and outs of the many marketing lists we offer and how you can put them to use.

What’s New in 2020

Originally aired 09/10/2020

Under normal circumstances, The Warren Group would be a staple at industry events across the country, and we would have the opportunity to speak directly with you to highlight our growing suite of data solutions. Unfortunately, that’s just isn’t possible in 2020.

Instead, we held a webinar with The Warren Groups Director of Product Strategy, Sam Bullock, detailing everything that’s new this year. Listen in for details on the brand new Warren Lead Stream and updates on expanded national coverage, new product enhancements, and more!


State of the Mortgage Industry: A Conversation with the MMBA

Originally aired 04/16/2020

Episode one of The State of the Real Estate Industry series. Tim Warren, The Warren Groups CEO leads a conversation about the state of the mortgage industry under the effects of COVID-19. Joining him from the MMBA is Executive Director, Deb Sousa; Chair Member, Sue Quilty; and Chair Elect, Mike Kemple.

State of the Appraisal Industry: A Conversation with the MBREA & The Appraisers Group

Originally aired 04/23/2020

Episode two of The State of the Real Estate Industry series. Listen in on a discussion between The Warren Groups CEO, Tim Warren;  Executive Vice President of MBREA, Steve Sousa; and President of The Appraisers Group, Rich Goulet. Topic of conversation: the challenges faced by appraisers under the limitations of COVID-19.

The State of Residential Real Estate: A Conversation with GBREB & MAR

Originally aired 04/30/2020

Episode three of The State of the Real Estate Industry series. How has the Corona Virus affected residential real estate? Listen in on The Warren Groups CEO, Tim Warren; 2020 President of the Massachusetts Association of Realtors, Kurt Thompson; and Chairman of the Greater Boston Real Estate Board, Bill Dermody.

The State of the Real Estate Industry: A Conversation About Commercial Real Estate.

Originally aired 05/07/2020

Episode four of The State of the Real Estate Industry series. How has the commercial real estate industry been effected by the Corona Virus? This episode features The Warren Groups Associate Editor of Banker & Tradesman, Steve Adams, along with The Davis Cos. Managing Director – Development, Stephen Davis; Senior Director of JLL, Ben Sayles; and Partner and Chairman of Hospitality Practice Group at Sherin and Lodgen, Josh Bowman.

State of the New England Economy: A Conversation With the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

Originally aired on 05/28/2020

Episode five of The State of the Industry series. How has COVID-19 and necessary safety measures affected the New England economy? Join The Warren Group’s CEO Tim Warren and Vice President and Director of the New England Public Policy Center at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston as they discuss.