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Data Solutions That Fit your Business Objectives

We understand that there’s no “one size fits all” solution to your data needs. That’s why we work one-on-one with each of our customers to ensure we provide data solutions that fit your business objectives. Our robust WIRED database of detailed property and transaction information is scalable and fully customizable to fit your budget. So, connect with our team of data experts today and start developing a data licensing program that works for you.


Our Data Solutions

Whether you’re facing stagnant sales, lagging markets, or rising competitors, licensing NMLS Data provides strong intelligence to inform your next move. Access Loan Originator NMLS IDs, Loan Originator Names, Loan Origination Company NMLS IDs, Loan Origination Company Names, Mortgage Brokers NMLS IDs, and Mortgage Broker Names.

  • Most Detailed Transaction Record
  • Over 10 years of Historical Data
  • Loan Originator Name and NMLS License Number
  • Loan Origination Company Name and NMLS License Number
  • Mortgage Broker Name and NMLS License Number
  • Mortgage and Sales Information
  • Property Usage

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Loan Originator Contact Data has been notoriously difficult to obtain from a single, reliable source… until now. Gain access to the contact data for mortgage loan originators across the country, including:

  • Loan Originator Names
  • Phone Numbers
  • Email Addresses
  • Mailing Addresses
  • Website URLs
  • Social Media Addresses (when available)
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Gain an in-depth view of property characteristics for more than 155 million properties across the country (or at the state- and country-level).

  • Current Ownership (including Mailing Address)
  • Physical Property Address
  • Last Sale and Last Mortgage Data
  • Assessment Values, Fiscal Year, and Tax Amounts
  • Property Usage
  • Over 35 Property and Building Characteristics
    • Number of Bedrooms and Bathrooms
    • Square Footage
    • Construction Material
    • Lot Size
    • Type of Heating and Cooling System
    • Roof Type
    • Historical Tax Amounts
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Sourced from recorder offices, deed and mortgage data provides a one-of-a-kind view of real estate transactions across the country

  • 33 years of historical transactions in New England
  • 15 years of historical transactions outside of New England
  • Physical Property Address, or Assessor Parcel Number
  • Two Buyer and Seller Names
  • Purchase Mortgages and Refinances Identified
  • Property Usage
  • Deed Characteristics (Deed Type, Sales Price)
  • Mortgage Characteristics (Lender, Mortgage Amount, Mortgage Categories)
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In a constantly changing marketplace, access to timely listing information is crucial. With this robust data set, you can gain a complete view of a single property, market trends, and even buyer behavior.

  • Property Location
  • Over 50 Property and Building Characteristics
  • School Districts
  • List Date
  • Listing Price – Maximum, Minimum, Sold Price
  • Listing Status
  • Days on Market
  • Rental Indicator
  • Listing Agent and Office
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Gain unmatched access to data on all stages of the pre-foreclosure and foreclosure process from a single source.

  • 9 Different types of Judicial vs Non-Judicial
    • Auctions
    • Public Notices
    • Lis Pendens
    • Releases
  • Defendant and Plaintiff Names
  • Recording Dates, Published Dates, and Auction Dates
  • Original Mortgage Information
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Dissect mortgage assignments, a transfer of mortgage ownership, as well as releases which are the result of the mortgage being paid in full or refinanced by the borrower.

  • 15 years of historical transactions
  • Property Address (where available)
  • Borrower and Ownership Details
  • Original, Assignor, and Assignee Lender Name
  • Original Mortgage Information
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Identify which properties are associated with Homeowner Associations. Explore our robust HOA database, including HOA fees and contact information.

  • Property Location
  • Owners Mailing Address
  • HOA Name
  • HOA Fee – Type and Amount
  • HOA Fee – Frequency
  • HOA Contact
  • HOA Contact Type
  • Contact Information (Name, Address, Photo, and Email)
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Notoriously difficult to obtain from a single, reputable source, involuntary lien data outlines liens placed on properties for unpaid obligations. The most common type of involuntary liens is tax liens.

  • Federal, State, and HOA Liens
  • Property Address and Mailing Address
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If you’re looking for motivated sellers, these lists provide an opportunity to target an audience who would benefit from your services. Your experience can make a big difference when selling a home while dealing with a challenging life event.

  • Probate: Case number, Date of death, Personal rep. information, Attorney information
  • Divorce: Defendant name, Plaintiff name, Case number, Attorney information
  • Pre-Probate: Date of death
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How You can use our Data

Reseller Program

We make it easy for you to integrate our entire real estate and mortgage data into your offerings. We have a long history of partnering with value-added resellers (VARs) and software-as-a-service (SaaS) providers. You’ve spent years solidifying your position as a leader in your industry, and our reseller program allows you to maintain your position all while standing out from the competition.

Marketing & Promotions

Want to promote your position as an industry leader or target new markets with a targeted ad campaign to expand your operations? You can utilize bulk real estate and mortgage data to identify households and borrowers who are a perfect match for your products and services.

Analytics & Risk Assessment

It can be a risky world out there, but you can hedge your bets by exploring in-depth datasets from The Warren Group. With real-time analytics, take a deep dive into mission-critical information to analyze the market and assess risk.

Averages & Marketing Trends

The real estate and mortgage industries are constantly on the move, but with a comprehensive dataset, you and your company can stay ahead of the curve. Access current and historical data to identify trends and plot projections for the real estate, mortgage, and financial industries.

Websites, Portals & APIs

In a web-based world, your clients rely on your site to stay informed. With an in-depth dataset from The Warren Group, you can publish property and mortgage statistics directly to your company website to solidify your standing as an industry leader.

Ensuring Business Continuity

On an ongoing basis, The Warren Group updates its business continuity and disaster recovery plans. The business continuity plan details processes and procedures that will help keep operations up and running – or restore them as quickly as commercially reasonable. This includes a major disaster, whether it be a physical disaster (ex. Fire) or a technological one (ex Cyber Attack). If you are interested in receiving a copy of the plan, please email our Director of Operations at sbullock@thewarrengroup.com