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Mortgage MarketShare

Gain An Informed, Competitive Advantage With Mortgage Market Intelligence.

Stay Ahead Of The Market

Mortgage professionals need quality data to make important business decisions. As the leading provider of comprehensive mortgage and real estate data, The Warren Group works to help you solve today’s toughest challenges and provide you with the tools you need make big decisions easier. Our Mortgage MarketShare Solution provides you with real-time market insights that helps you benchmark your company’s market share, identify new and emerging markets, and measure your sales performance against your competition.

Benefits Include:

  • Accurately track commercial and/or residential lending
  • Measure sales performance against competition and market activity
  • Identify high-performing competitors
  • Locate and target emerging markets
  • Determine sales territories and quotas
  • Benchmark the productivity of originators and offices
  • Track historical rankings and market share trends
  • Demonstrate compliance with the Community Reinvestment Act

Don’t Need On-Demand Access?

Get Annual, Quarterly, or Monthly Reports Delivered To Your Inbox.

With customized reporting, you will receive competitive comparisons, market analyses and a snapshot of your own market penetration. You can choose the delivery period of your choice, be it weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually or choose just a one-time report.

Benefits Include:

  • Rankings by number of loans (purchase, non-purchase, and all loans)
  • YTD number of loans, total dollar value, and percent market share by lender
  • Number of loans and total dollar value by time period or geographic coverage
  • Choose from Residential, Commercial or All Loans

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