Property Data API

Integrated Data in Real Time

With our Property API, integrating data into your database has never been easier. Gain instant access to comprehensive property data on more than 150 million property records from local public records data. Once you have access, you can use our consolidated data to build applications for mobile and web, marketing, analytics, and many other experiences to power your business.

How Does an API Work?
Our API (Applications Programming Interface) is a powerful and potential alternative to our data licensing solutions. It works as a software intermediary that augments your database or application with up-to-date information as you – and your customers – need it. Once the API is in place and you are “plugged” into our database, your customers can call up individual property records through your gateway.


Your software, application, or website makes a request on a specific property.


Our API – supporting both JSON and XML formats – performs request on-demand to call up all available records on the specific property.


Access our consolidated database, including property records, assessment/tax data, AVM’s, current and historical sales transactions, and school data.

What Does Our Property Data API Offer?

Property Records
Round out your database with property records for more than 150 million homes across the country, including ownership details, physical property address, last sale and last mortgage data, property usage, and more than 35 property and building characteristics.
Assessment/Tax Records
Enhance your site with summary and full assessor parcel data, including assessment values, fiscal year and tax amounts.
Our API can augment your Automated Valuations Models (AVMs) using comparable sales, property characteristic, and price trend data to provide timely price estimates of value for a specific property.
Sales Transactions (Current & Historical)
Obtain 15 years of historical transaction data, including physical address, assessor parcel number, buyer and seller information, property usage, deed characteristics, mortgage characteristics, and more.
School Data
One of the most important considerations for prospective homebuyers is a property’s school district. You can access school data with our API for more than 130,000 private and public schools across the country, including class statistics, enrollment, staff, class sizes, ratings, and more.

How Can You Use Our API?

Data Enhancement
Round out your data base with reliable information on millions of properties across the country.
Automated Forms
Streamline your company’s online property reports with pre-populated property, ownership information.
Model the real estate and lending landscapes with accurate and current data.
Access in-depth homeowner information through our API to personalize your company’s marketing and sales collateral.
Multi Use Calls
Couple property data with school data with on demand access.