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To spearhead national data expansion, The Warren Group adds Lauren Guzak, Rose Zavala to data solutions team.

PEABODY, MA, October 5, 2020 – Real estate and mortgage data provider The Warren Group has finalized an initiative to expand the scope of its offerings. The Warren Group is now providing housing and mortgage data nationally, which will give real estate and lending professionals an expanded understanding of real estate and mortgage trends in the national market.

The three offerings that will primarily benefit from national data are The Warren Group’s Mortgage MarketShare Module, Loan Originator Module, and Bulk Data Licensing. Specifically, enhancements include the addition of new property data (150 million records), deed and mortgage data (500 million records), pre-foreclosure data (23 million records), assignment, and release data (213 million records), and listing data (60 million records).

Key benefits of the Loan Originator Module and Mortgage MarketShare Module:

  • Complete accounting of lending activity by loan originator and territory
  • Measure an institution’s lending activity against others and the industry as a whole
  • Recruit high performing loan originators
  • Monitor competitors
  • Find territory expansion opportunities
  • Deliver ranking reports to shareholders and directors
  • Create powerful presentations and marketing collateral

Key uses of National Bulk Data Licensing:

  • Reseller Program – Integrate the entire real estate and mortgage database into their offerings, including value-added resellers (VARs) and software-as-a-service (SaaS) providers.
  • Averages & Market Trends – With a comprehensive, national dataset, companies can track changes in the marketplace and forecast the future of the real estate, mortgage, and financial industries.
  • Marketing & Promotions – Companies can utilize bulk real estate and mortgage data to solidify their position as industry leaders and target new markets for expansion.
  • Websites, Portals & APIs – With an in-depth dataset, companies can publish property and mortgage statistics directly to their website.
  • Analytics & Risk Assessment – By harnessing real-time analytics, companies can take a deep dive into mission-critical data to analyze markets and assess risk.

“Having national real estate data is a giant step forward for us, and a way to make our products and services available to customers across the country,” said Tim Warren, CEO of The Warren Group. “We have been serving the real estate and mortgage industries for 148 years, but on a regional basis with our focus on New England. As lenders have grown, many now offer their mortgage products throughout the country, and we need to keep pace. My great-grandfather was an entrepreneur when he first started collecting public records by hand. His plan was grand and innovative, but his territory was limited in an era 30 years before the first automobile. I think he would be proud that we have found a way to truly be a national company.”

A Growing Data Solutions Team

To spearhead national data expansion, The Warren Group is excited to announce the addition of two new members to the data solutions team.

Lauren Guzak will play a lead role in expanding The Warren Group’s National Bulk Data Licensing. Lauren is an industry veteran with 20 years of experience in real property data licensing for both residential and commercial datasets. She brings expertise in data collection, platforming, and bringing real property data to market for third-party consumption across a broad array of verticals including marketing, government, financial services, modeling, economic analysis, and homebuilders. Lauren is also a domain expert on tax, deed, mortgage, and pre-foreclosure data with extensive experience working with MLS, HOA, and geospatial datasets (e.g., geocoding, parcel boundaries, rooftops, geospatially derived addresses).

Rose Zavala has extensive experience identifying clients’ pain points and developing innovative data solutions to achieve their goals. In her role at The Warren Group, Rose will primarily be responsible for promoting national data to new and existing clients within the data solutions portfolio. Specifically, Rose will play an integral part in providing a broad array of industry-leading data analytics solutions for real estate, financial, and lending professionals, including online research, customized data-driven marketing tools, market statistics, and analysis.

“The addition of Lauren Guzak and Rose Zavala is a giant leap forward for our data solutions team,” said David Lovins, President of The Warren Group. “Together they bring a significant amount of experience in sales, account management, and real estate licensing that will prove to be invaluable to our organization. We’re excited to welcome them to The Warren Group!”

The Warren Group has a 148-year history of empowering and informing real estate, financial, and banking institutions. The addition of national data is an exciting new step in the evolution of the company. The roll-out of national mortgage data is just the first stage of a larger initiative. Soon, The Warren Group is expecting to launch additional new national data products.

For additional information on The Warren Group’s expanded geographies into other products, click here to contact a Data Specialist.


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