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Data provider and publisher of Banker & Tradesman looks back at 150 years of service and innovation.

PEABODY, Mass. January 18, 2022 – The Warren Group, a leading provider of real estate property and transaction data and the publisher of Banker & Tradesman, The Commercial Record, and The Registry Review, is celebrating its 150th anniversary in 2022.

The Warren Group has been a cornerstone of the New England banking, lending, real estate, and financial communities, providing mission-critical information since 1872. The 15 decades since then have been a journey of innovating data solutions to serve these industries.

Celebrating The Warren Group’s Robust History

The company traces its roots to the first publication of Banker & Tradesman 150 years ago. In the subsequent decades, events like the Great Depression, two World Wars, the dot-com bubble, and the Great Recession helped shape the direction of The Warren Group, as well as the leadership of the Warren family, who have owned and managed the business for five generations. More recently, the company has expanded the scope of its operations to provide numerous data sets for the entirety of the United States.

“For any business, staying relevant and viable for 150 years is a remarkable achievement,” said Tim Warren, CEO of The Warren Group. “Add family ownership of the business for five generations and it becomes a rare achievement. My great-grandfather had one hell of a good idea!”

To better visualize the many milestones of the company and those historical events that helped mold it into the organization it is today, review the interactive timeline: The History of The Warren Group.

Banker & Tradesman Marks 150 Years with Special Sections and Events

“As Banker & Tradesman celebrates its sesquicentennial, we are grateful to the many loyal subscribers who keep us accountable and afloat,” said Cassidy Norton, Associate Publisher of Banker & Tradesman. “They are passionate professionals, and they inspire us every day to provide them with both the news and data they need to succeed.”

The Warren Group and Banker & Tradesman don’t want to celebrate this milestone alone. That’s why  the company is planning a gala celebration that includes readers of the publication and leaders of the industries the company proudly serves. Details on the date and location of the autumn celebration will be announced this summer. Additionally, Banker & Tradesman will be publishing several special sections and hosting events celebrating its milestone. Click here to stay up to date on Banker & Tradesman’s coverage of its 150th anniversary.

“Our hard-working and talented staff is our business family, and we celebrate their successes and their anniversaries on an annual basis. But every 25 years we host a larger, cork-popping celebration and include our subscribers, customers, and vendors,” Warren added. “The real estate, lending, and banking communities have supported us for 150 years, and we want to show our gratitude.”

Expanding to a National Presence

In addition to its respected publishing division, The Warren Group has made significant headway as a national real estate and transaction data provider outside of New England. In 2019, the company expanded the reach of its Loan Originator Module, Mortgage MarketShare Module, and Data Licensing offerings with the introduction of national data. These enhancements included the incorporation of new property data (150 million records), deed and mortgage data (500 million records), pre-foreclosure data (23 million records), assignment, and release data (213 million records), and listing data (60 million records).

“National data complementing our offerings was a huge leap forward for the company,” said David Lovins, President of The Warren Group. “In addition to our newsgathering, 150 years ago our company used to collect real estate and lending public records by hand, which limited the scope of our offerings to New England for decades. Plugging into data sets that cover the entire country was the logical next step in the evolution of The Warren Group and I’m proud to be spearheading the effort.”


Customers use The Warren Group to access a massive database of valuable business information for important decision-making. Its products and services include comprehensive real estate and mortgage data, business analysis tools, and industry news coverage. The Warren Group was established in 1872 and is now in its fifth generation of family ownership and management. It is the publisher of Banker & Tradesman, The Commercial Record, and The Registry Review. For more information visit