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The Warren Group’s extensive real estate and mortgage data to be integrated into ExchangeRobotics’ cutting-edge AI copilot platform for credit professionals.

[PEABODY, MA January 23, 2024] – The Warren Group, a leading provider of mortgage data and financial information services, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with ExchangeRobotics, a pioneer in data-driven AI solutions for credit professionals. This partnership aims to revolutionize the credit and alternative finance workflow industry by integrating The Warren Group’s extensive real estate and mortgage data into ExchangeRobotics’ cutting-edge AI copilot platform.

To kickstart this collaboration, The Warren Group and ExchangeRobotics are hosting an exclusive webinar in February. This event is tailored for banking professionals, FinTech experts, and PropTech executives eager to explore the future of data-driven decision-making in the credit industry.

ExchangeRobotics’ innovative platform is designed to seamlessly blend advanced AI and machine learning technologies with manual credit and alternatives workflows. By doing so, it transforms traditional practices, eliminating costly alternatives, inefficient processes, and data fragmentation. Here are some of the key highlights of the ExchangeRobotics system:

ExchangeRobotics Platform Capabilities:

  • Personalized UX with Draggable Widgets: Enjoy a tailored user experience with drag-and-drop widgets, providing flexible interfaces with Business Intelligence tools, products, and dashboards
  • Universal Data ingestion technology. Ability to digest any time of unformatted and unstructured data as Excel, CSV, PDF, and using LLM models to normalize and create credit decisions, calculations, and visualization of analytics at any time by using market GPT models or proprietary LLM model.
  • Execution of RAG data augmentation integrating the latest APIs in the market from the most important data providers such as Moody’s, Equifax, Morningstar, and S&P.
  • Portfolio Creation & Management: Utilize Machine Learning-driven data for intelligent portfolio creation and dynamic management.
  • AI-driven Financial Product Creation & Securitizations: The platform employs AI to create financial products and streamline securitization processes.
  • Reporting, Credit Facility & Market Surveillance: Robust tools for comprehensive reporting, credit facility management, and market surveillance.
  • Network Integration: Foster collaboration and idea-sharing within a network framework, enhancing communication and knowledge exchange.
  • Workflow Creation & Automation: Streamline processes and enhance efficiency by automating workflows, and optimizing operational capabilities.

The upcoming webinar will provide a unique opportunity to review the seamless integration of The Warren Group’s extensive real estate and mortgage data into ExchangeRobotics’ powerful AI copilot platform. Participants will gain valuable insights into how this collaboration will revolutionize credit decision-making and risk management for professionals in banking, FinTech, PropTech, and WealthTech.

Save the date for this exciting event on Thursday, February 22, 2024, and join us for a glimpse into the future of data-driven AI solutions for credit professionals. Registration details will be announced soon, so stay tuned for further updates.

For more information about The Warren Group and ExchangeRobotics, please visit and

About The Warren Group

The Warren Group provides national real estate and transaction intelligence, so customers can identify new business opportunities and analyze the marketplace like never before. Our customers rely on us to deliver one-of-a-kind insights backed by in-depth analytics. The Warren Group has been collecting, warehousing, and licensing real estate and transaction data since 1872, as well as developing easy-to-use applications with the end user in mind. As a family-owned and operated company, the company has offered nationwide insights and market analytics for four generations.

About ExchangeRobotics

ExchangeRobotics is a trailblazer in data-driven AI solutions for credit professionals. Their platform seamlessly integrates advanced AI and machine learning technology into the manual illiquid credit and alternatives workflow, streamlining decision-making processes and enhancing risk management capabilities.

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