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Previously, Zillow launched their free Transaction and Assessment Database API also know as ZTRAX. This database was jointly managed by D-Lab and IPIRA (Intellectual Property & Industry Research Alliances) at UC Berkley and consisted of national housing transaction intelligence spanning 20 year’s worth of public records that could be mapped to ZAssessment Tables. These tables contain property characteristic and geographic data as well as historical valuations. The transaction records consisted of property data such as deed transfers, foreclosure and mortgage information, that you could cross with property characteristic data.

However, Zillow recently announced that they would no longer be able to service this platform and have stopped accepting any applications for access to ZTRAX. Contracts for use of ZTRAX will continue to grant access until September 30, 2023, at which time the platform will be discontinued. The database will continue to be updated until this. You can read the full announcement here.

You may suddenly be finding yourself in need of a new property transaction and characteristic database, but not to worry, we have your back. With our new Property Data API you can gain access to all of the same comprehensive information and, better yet, be able to integrate that intelligence into your own platforms and offerings.

How does an API work?

Our Property Data API is a software that augments your own database or application with our latest intelligence. You’ll be able to use this information to build client-centered applications for mobile and web or keep it to yourself for marketing analytics, and anything else your team or clients could utilize it for. Once your system is connected with our database, you, your team members, or your clients can access specific property records on demand through your own gateway.

When you’re ready to gain access to the country’s most accurate and up-to-date collection of comprehensive property information, you can meet with a data specialist to learn more. Just ask about how our Property Data API can work for you and we’ll be happy to explore the most appropriate subscription options for your needs.