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Building permit data gives you a window into the history of a home across the country, but what exactly does this include? Contractor information, estimated valuations of performed construction, and the type of work completed are all included in one data set. If you’re thinking about adding permit data to your toolkit, here are a few ways it could benefit your business…

Who can use permit data?

Insurance Companies – Permit data can help you better evaluate the risk of insuring a specific home and assessing any work that could impact a claims payout.

Appraiser – Perhaps the most obvious, appraisers need every tool they can get their hands on to provide an accurate valuation of a property. Especially now with COVID-19 making it unsafe to enter every home they have been contracted to appraise.

Investors – Building permit data helps you analyze the work done and when it was completed, not only allowing for estimates based on upgrades but also based on when another big project (like a new roof) should be due. If an investor has access to permit data and can see that a roof was last replaced 25 years ago, that’s valuable information.

Service Providers – Contractors, carpenters, roofers, etc. can utilize the data to target homes that are most likely to be in need of their services. Saving time and money otherwise spent on broad outreaches that may not yield many results.

Real Estate Professionals – Gain a better understanding of the value of a home, or even neighboring homes, for more accurate pricing.

So, we’ve established a few businesses that would consider this data beneficial, and even broken down what it can do. Are you ready to start making better-informed business decisions?

Our building permit data can be utilized in a number of different ways. For companies looking to download permit data into their own database, there are data licensing agreements available, and even licensing companies can gain access for their own research. Building permit data is also available in the form of an annual marketing list subscription. Those subscribers will receive weekly, updated, emails with permit data in excel format and sorted by county. If you’re ready to add this invaluable resource to your business for better-informed decision-making, schedule a meeting with a data specialist today.