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According to the American Bar Association, probate is a legal process that gives recognition to a will and appoints a representative who will administer an estate and distribute assets to intended beneficiaries. During the probate process, it’s not uncommon for filings to include real estate; an asset a beneficiary may not be willing – or financially able – to be saddled with.

The term “probate” can carry a negative connotation – since it requires the passing of a family member or the ending of a marriage – but for real estate professionals, lawyers, and property investors, it’s an opportunity to assist households in a time of distress.

Historically, these professionals would have to spend countless hours combing through obituary and probate county filings to find motivated sellers who needed their services, but with our Probate & Divorce Leads, you can get an up-to-date list of leads delivered directly to your inbox. If you’re looking for motivated sellers, these lists provide an opportunity to target an audience who would benefit from your services. Your experience can make a big difference when selling a home while dealing with a challenging life event.

Did you know there are 3 different types of probate records?

Pre-probate, probate, and divorce records. Are you utilizing all three to reach your ideal demographics? At the Warren Group, we’ve expanded our records and offer these different types of probate records for our Massachusetts residents. They all include the geography, name of deceased, property address, mailing address, property value, and property characteristics. The following is a list of what is unique to each record.

  1. Probate – contains:
    • Case number
    • Date of death
    • Personal rep. information
    • Attorney information
  1. Divorce – contains:
    • Defendant name
    • Plaintiff name
    • Case number
    • Attorney information
  1. Pre-Probate – contains:
    • Date of death

Helpful Statistics

When it comes to targeting the right demographic for advertising your services, there are statistics that can help you out. has aggregated a ton of compelling divorce stats to help you customize your language and narrow down your targeted areas for the most efficiency. Here are a few useful ones:

  1. The most common age for people to go through their first divorce is 30 years old
  2. 60 percent of divorcees are between the ages of 25 and 39
  3. Women are the most likely to initiate the divorce
  4. Iowa has the lowest divorce rate in the United States
  5. In contrast, Nevada has the highest divorce rate in the United States

Dealing with a death or divorce is, needless to say, extremely difficult and it’s only made more so when a property is involved. Utilizing probate specific lists to target the right audience, in the rights areas, to offer your services not only makes it easier for your team to find business, but it makes the process a family goes through to find assistance significantly easier. If you’re ready to utilize probate specific lists for more efficient engagement, check out our Probate and Divorce Property Leads.