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NMLS Data is notoriously difficult to acquire from a single, reputable source… until now.

You’re a few short steps away from accessing the largest and most comprehensive National Multistate Licensing System (NMLS) database in the country. Whether you’re facing stagnant sales, lagging markets, or rising competitors, licensing NMLS Data provides strong intelligence to inform your next move.

What is the NMLS?

The NMLS serves as the licensing/registration agent for mortgage lenders and loan originators. The NMLS Unique Identifier is the number permanently assigned by the NMLS registry for each company, branch, and individual that maintains a single account on NMLS. By law, loan originator data needs to be recorded on the signing page of closed residential loans. There are six fields of data on the mortgage record:

  • Loan Originator NMLS ID
  • Loan Originator Name
  • Loan Origination Company NMLS ID
  • Loan Origination Company Name
  • Mortgage Broker NMLS ID
  • Mortgage Broker Name

What are the Benefits of Licensing NMLS Data?

NMLS Data can be used to measure loan origination and loan activity against competition and market activity. A dataset can also be imported into a current CRM or utilize reports and/or the module to recruit leading purchase and non-purchase loan originators. NMLS Data also identifies loan originators for potential partnership and business relationships, while also working to attract new customers and new employees by highlighting success. Other benefits include:

  • Finding new opportunities for greater market penetration
  • Creating powerful advertising and promotional collateral
  • Delivering company loan originator ranking reports to shareholders and executive boards

Customizable Solutions for Various Industries

Obtaining NMLS Data has never been easier, and now it’s fully customizable. You have the option to license the entire database or specific data sets, and it can be used in a number of different ways by various industries, including:

Mortgage Lenders

  • Recruitment – Hiring loan originators can be a costly and time-consuming process, but with NMLS Data, mortgage lenders to streamline their recruitment and verification process to ensure they hire the right candidate the first time. With the most up-to-date data available, lenders can start identifying top-performing loan originators to grow their lending teams with confidence. Once a lender identifies a qualified candidate, NMLS Data helps verify their production and market share based on loan type and volume.
  • Data Analysis – Mortgage lenders can take a deep dive into NMLS Data to understand trends, assess market risks, and set benchmarks for their loan originators. Historical NMLS Data provides an in-depth look at past lending trends that help craft future projections. Lenders can also measure loan origination and loan activity against competition and market activity, giving them an edge when looking for new opportunities for greater market penetration.
  • Marketing – With interest rates hovering near all-time lows, it’s important to stand out in a competitive marketplace. NMLS Data allows mortgage lenders to create powerful promotional material to spread the word about their past successes

TitleInsurance, and Real Estate Professionals can also find great value in NMLS Data. By measuring a loan originator’s track record, they can identify strong candidates for potential partnerships and business relationships.

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