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Did you know that The Warren Group conducts quarterly on-site focus groups with our customers?

A focus group is a gathering of professionals from different organizations across our industry who participate in a planned discussion to glean their perception about topics of interest and product initiatives. Our focus groups allow members to interact with each other during the discussion and enable critical members of the TWG’s management team to consider their ideas and insights.

The common theme is that data tells our customers how they are doing compared to their peers. It provides insight to them where opportunities may lie for future growth and helps them to manage their teams and territories. Here are some discussion points from the Spring Focus Group that we held earlier this year. We asked participants to tell us about what role real estate data plays in their organization, and we summarized their answers below.

Q: How well do the data solutions that are currently available help support your organization’s goals?

A: Overwhelmingly, our focus group told us that they rely heavily on The Warren Group’s data and knowledge of the industry. A few items that they are looking for in the future is the expansion of TWG’s geographical footprint expanding nationally (COMING SOON!) and adding additional information such as market trending reports and market inventory.

Q: Let’s assume that the year is 2022. What gap exists between the data products that you currently use, and the challenges you are now facing?

A: Our customers need to reach people in their dream space when they are web surfing and thinking about their future. They have continued concerns on how they will retain their customers with competing internet giants.

Q: What TWG products do you currently use and are the most important to you?

A: Here is the list of their Top 5 Favorites!

  1. Mortgage MarketShare Reports & Module
  2. Loan Originators MarketShare Reports & Module
  3. RE Records Search
  4. Statistics
  5. Marketing Lists

Thanks for reading! Do you want to be considered for our next Focus Group? Click here to sign up