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Many times, when people discuss the latest in real estate technological developments, or what tools will make a real estate professional’s job easier, they’re referring to tools for Realtors. New tools for Realtors are necessary for staying competitive in a market like the one we’ve seen since 2020, but we can’t forget the mortgage brokers that work hand-in-hand with those Realtors, and in some cases, even guide them to higher sales. If a mortgage broker is lagging behind, it doesn’t bode well for their Realtors.

So, what basic tools should I broke have available to keep up in a fast-paced market?

A Module to Benchmark Your Team’s Performance

A one-stop shop for tracking mortgage lending performance that even provides an in-depth analysis of the performance of rival lenders is a game-changer. The Warren Group’s Mortgage MarketShare Module lets you do more than just track your own team’s performance. It also grants access to an online database that tracks the sales performance of the competition, and other market activity, so that you can set realistic and attainable benchmarks for your team and identify markets for expansion.

Besides knowing how to beat the competition, you’ll be able to:

  • Accurately track commercial and/or residential lending
  • Locate and target emerging markets
  • Determine sales territories and quotas
  • Track historical rankings and market share trends
  • Demonstrate compliance with the Community Reinvestment Act

Utilizing the Mortgage MarketShare Module means you’re able to customize your reporting for your business needs. If you don’t need on-demand access you can still get annual, quarterly, or monthly report delivered straight to your inbox.

A Streamlined Recruitment Tool

When you realize it’s time to recruit a few more players to your team, a tool designed to make the process easier (and give you better insight into the performance of your interviewees) is quickly becoming necessary. Gone are the days of word-of-mouth recommendations for mortgage professionals, as their sales performance is tracked and coalesced in one organized location.

If you’re looking to add this tool to your own library of resources, you’ll want to check out our Loan Originator Module (LO Module). With your subscription you’ll gain access to the largest and most comprehensive mortgage and property database for loan origination data and be able to identify the top performing originators in your market. Useful for screening new hires, prospecting for new recruits, monitoring competing professionals, and viewing market trends, this database allows interactive access 24/7 to vital market intelligence.

Reliable and Trusted Loan Originator & NMLS Data

Data sourced from a trusted and experienced provider is the number one tool that should be available to you and your team. Without this, you’ll be lagging behind the competition, your marketing materials won’t reach the best audience to receive them, and you run the risk of giving your team (and clients) inaccurate or outdated property intelligence. We even offer loan originator contact data in the form of a marketing list so you don’t have to buy lists that may or may not be accurate or spend hours digging through the MLS.

The Warren Group collects data straight from the source as soon as it’s made available from county clerks and local assessors. We process the data we collect, verify its accuracy with our own multi-step system, and provide our subscribers and customers with the freshest possible market intelligence. If you’re ready to upgrade your toolkit with better data, reach out to one of our data specialists today.