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One might think mortgage and property data is only valuable for lending professionals, and an insurance company would have no need for mortgage data, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Targeting and Networking

To start with the most obvious reasons; mortgage and property data allows insurance professionals to target neighborhoods that are more likely to need their services and to learn about top lenders to network with for recommendations.

By knowing the locations that are seeing an uptick in mortgage sales and refis, insurance companies can better target their outreach toward those that may be interested in an upgrade to their homeowner’s insurance, as well. Maybe they could use expanded coverage, a better price, or a bundle that another company couldn’t provide. On the other hand, identifying top-performing lenders gives insurance companies the chance to reach out and network with those that could provide recommendations to future clients in need of homeowner’s insurance.

But, That’s Not All

Identifying change of ownership – real or potential – with national mortgage data will help prepare for the possible loss of a policy. Ownership data can help prepare for future expansion plans and develop strategies for client retention.

With mortgage data, insurance professionals can also pinpoint borrowers who are in foreclosure or delinquent on their property taxes. By knowing this in advance, insurance companies stand a better chance of helping their clients establish a plan to keep on track with payments or plan for the future if foreclosure is inevitable.

Meanwhile, property data can help determine replacement cost calculations with recently updated property characteristic information. This way insurance professionals don’t have to exclusively rely on what’s being disclosed by the property owner. Additionally, with up-to-date mortgage data insurance companies have a system for looking up today’s property condition and knowing exactly what a homeowner’s policy should cost. They can also locate policyholders that are in a Homeowners Association and understand how it could impact their business and the challenges associated with replacement cost calculations.

Start Exploring Property & Mortgage Data

Mortgage and property data isn’t hard to obtain, and The Warren Group offers various, customizable solutions for insurance companies and beyond. Click here to learn more.


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