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Lately, focus has been on would-be home buyers and how increasing mortgage rates are continuing to price them out of previously affordable areas. Finding and purchasing a home continues to be a challenge, but the difficulties resulting from rising rates extend beyond just prospective buyers. Lenders of all sizes are now battling decreased demand as refinances drop off from the highs seen throughout the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, and new purchase loans are declining as well.

Lenders are just trying to stay afloat

All of the home buying activity over the last two years created a need in the lending space for more loan originators to keep up. Now, with rates rising and demand decreasing, we’re seeing large mortgage institutions like Wells Fargo and laying off lenders in the wake of declining mortgage origination volume. More still have expressed concern over the likelihood of extended financial loss that has them looking into selling assets, cutting fees, and partnering with other lenders, according to The Wall Street Journal.

How lenders can bounce back

The question is now – where will lenders find new business? Fortunately, demand for purchase loans is still high and the work these loans require is greater than that of refinancing. Those shifting focus back toward purchase loans should see some offset in the need to decrease staff too.

But that’s not a solution

Changing strategies to market themselves towards prospective buyers may provide lenders a chance to keep business coming in, but it’s not necessarily a long-term solution. While purchase volume may still be strong, we don’t know how long it will last and it’s important to remember that rates are climbing and home prices are still at all-time highs. Buying a home now is just not financially possible for many families. Interestingly, Bloomberg suggests targeting “non-qualified mortgages” for those borrowers that don’t qualify for government backed loans because they can’t document their income.

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