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Providing Key Insights for the Mortgage Industry Since 1872

Learn How To Easily Use Mortgage Data To Thrive In An Unpredictable Marketplace

Accurately Measure Your Market Share. Effectively Track Competitor Activity. Confidently Identify High-Performing Loan Originators.

The Warren Group has been supporting the mortgage industry since 1872 and specializes in providing market intelligence and competitor insights using real-time mortgage analytics. Our latest lending tools provide unprecedented access to the local lending market like never before. Contact us today and you’ll get a one-on-one consultation and seven days of access to the sample data you need to make important business decisions – absolutely FREE.

Introducing The Warren Group’s Mortgage MarketShare and Loan Originator Modules

We’ve developed two powerful tools to help your company analyze the local mortgage market and help build a successful lending team.

The Mortgage MarketShare Module

Timely and accurate mortgage data to help companies better understand the current lending environment and make informed business decisions.


Features Benefits
In-Depth Ranking Reports Access instant ranking reports so that you can see where your competitors rank and set benchmarks for your sales performance.
View the Exact Loans Your Competitors are Producing Gain inside information on how your competitors are making headway in different markets based on loan type, including purchase and non-purchase.
Accurate and Timely Data Identify current trends based on YTD, annual, and quarterly selects so you can forecast and stay ahead of the curve.
Historical Mortgage Data Database ranges back to 2007, allowing you to identify historical trends so that you can anticipate future market conditions.
Robust Search Features Measure market share by geographic area, loan type, and transactions type so you’re always one step ahead of the competition.

Mortgage MarketShare Module Demo Video

The Loan Originator Module

Accurate loan originator data that helps companies successfully identify and verify their next hire. Make your next decision with confidence.


Features Benefits
In-Depth Ranking Reports Access in-depth ranking reports so you can identify and verify top-performing loan originators in your market – streamlining your recruitment process.
View the Types of Loans Each Originator is Producing Identify which loan originators are leaders in key marketplaces based on different types of loans, including purchase and non-purchase.
Accurate and Timely Data Quickly view data based on YTD, annual, and quarterly options so that you can identify current trends in the marketplace.
Historical Mortgage Data Our database ranges back to 2007, allowing you to identify loan originators with successful track records.
Robust Search Features Measure loan originator activity by geographic area, loan type, and transactions type so you identify top-performing originators and set benchmarks for your team.

Loan Originator Module Demo Video

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How Can I Continue To Grow My Market Share In A Competitive And Unpredictable Market?

We Know What You’re Thinking. Let’s Put The Common Misconceptions About Mortgage Data To Rest.

Get Started Now and Improve Your Market Share Today!

“My lending operation is too small to utilize mortgage data.”
You have direct competitors in your markets. You need to know how they’re performing.

“Mortgage data can be too expensive.”
We work with each customer to meet their individual business needs, and we separate ourselves from our competitors by not having a one-size-fits-all mentality.

“Mortgage data is difficult to analyze.”
Our platform is designed to provide you with an easy understanding of your mortgage data and doesn’t require a dedicated analyst on your staff.

“Mortgage data can be inaccurate and there can be delays in recordings.”
Our data is the most accurate and timely data in the industry and is collected directly from the original source.

“I didn’t know data was available for my market.”
We provide data throughout the country and allow you to customize your geographic coverage at the county and state levels.

Reasons Why Lending Companies Lose Market Share

We work closely with our customers to understand exactly what their pain points are and determine how our data can help. Over the years, we’ve identified six reasons lending professionals struggle to grow or simply maintain their book of business in a challenging market – regardless of their size, location, or market share.


They can’t identify competitors and benchmark performance in key markets.


They struggle to identify emerging markets and new growth opportunities.


They use inaccurate data to track sales performance against market trends and competition.


They’re making important business decisions without supporting market analytics.


They can’t identify loan originators who are well-versed in specific loan types.


They struggle to accurately verify sales performance of loan originators during the hiring process.

Whether your company regularly faces one or even all of these pains, we’re here to provide a customized solution. If you would like to know how to consistently expand your lending footprint and build a successful lending team, keep reading.