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Leading Solutions For Real Estate Professionals

Real estate professionals rely on The Warren Group’s advanced technology tools, analytical insights, and comprehensive market intelligence to develop one-of-a-kind solutions to their everyday needs. Our industry-leading solutions have produced outstanding results – for the real estate industry’s leading companies, as well as individual professionals.

The Warren Group leverages more than 150 years of industry experience to deliver the most innovative solutions. Whether you’re an appraiser or real estate agent, The Warren Group offers the latest of everything you need to power your business.

NEW Custom Stats Module

We are excited to introduce our New Stats Module – an all-in-one system to explore current and historical data covering sales, mortgages, HELOC, foreclosures, liens, and bankruptcies. Developed by an expert team that understands the intricacies of the real estate and mortgage industries, this powerful new system allows you to organize data by state, county, town, year, month, and property type with just a few clicks of the mouse. All data in exportable in PDF and Excel formats so you can easily share it with your colleagues.


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RE Records Search

Make informed decisions, pursue leads and access up-to-date data with access to the largest, most current and complete real estate database in New England. Information includes sales, mortgages, assessments, and foreclosures to help you gain the valuable insight you need.


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Loan Originator Module

Access the largest and most comprehensive mortgage and property database in New England for loan origination data with round-the-clock interactive access and weekly updates. Take advantage with 24/7 access to data so you can easily view market trends, monitor competitors, and find productive loan officers – across multiple time periods, geographies and more.


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Warren RE Market Trends

Updated weekly, you’ll find statistics based on thousands of records of home sales and foreclosures by city, town, county and state. Our exacting methods enable us to sort through mountains of information to give you a data-rich, insightful and easy-to-understand snapshot of market trends in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island and New Hampshire.


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Data Licensing

Successful organizations consistently rely on The Warren Group to deliver the most accurate and detailed property and transaction information available. We work closely with our licensing clients to understand their goals and create the best solutions for their organization. We offer ownership, property characteristics, sales and financing history for millions of properties, compiled from hundreds of sources. Let our information power your database with essential market information.


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Direct Marketing Lists

Gain access to the most accurate and detailed transaction information in the country and offers a range of marketing lists for more than 130 million households (covering 94% of the U.S. population).


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Mortgage MarketShare Module

Accurately track commercial and residential lending, measure sales performance against competition and market activity, identify high-performing competitors, and locate and target emerging markets.


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Custom Research

Powered by one-of-a-kind real estate, mortgage, and loan origination data, The Warren Group provides custom solutions for your research projects, database expansion, and strategic planning.


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Industry News

Our flagship industry new sources deliver full access to award-winning news coverage of the Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island and New Hampshire real estate, banking and financial industries – keeping you up to date on the latest trends, transactions, regulations and legal issues affecting your business. Access real estate and credit records statewide – compiled weekly for easy reading and analysis, in print and online. Be the first to know and get ahead of the competition with news and insight you won’t find anywhere else.


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Powerful Solutions

In real estate, information powers your business. Stay one step ahead of the competition with the most accurate and current market intelligence available. Our database includes millions of records, but it’s what this data means to our clients that matters. With our suite of data analytic tools, marketing solutions, and events tailored to the real estate industry, discover the information unique to your needs through easily consumable formats. Start making smarter business decisions and stay one step ahead of the competition.

How can The Warren Group help your company?

The Warren Group’s data, marketing, and event solutions help real estate professionals in numerous ways, including:

  • Gaining instant access to real estate market intelligence
  • Building narratives based on date ranges, geography, property value and type
  • Obtaining more investigative reporting with analytics on home sales and foreclosures
  • Supporting your research with visually compelling charts and infographics
  • Increasing prospect and customer engagement with attention-grabbing real estate statistics and graphics

To succeed in the modern real estate landscape, smart lenders leverage the power of data analytics to target and track opportunity with unparalleled precision.