Real Estate & Mortgage Data Licensing

Powering real estate and financial databases across the nation with essential information.

The Warren Group delivers the most accurate and detailed property and transaction information available. We work closely with our licensing clients to understand their goals and create the best solutions for organizations. We offer ownership, property characteristics, sales and financing history for millions of properties across The United States, compiled from thousands of sources.

Let our information power your database with essential market information.

Available Data:

Property Details

Tax Assessor Data

Sales and Mortgage Transactions

Ownership Details

Foreclosure Data

Property Characteristics

Valuation Data

Census Tract Info

Assignments and Discharges


Expand your database without the cost of expanding your workforce. Gain access to information that is difficult to collect and compile in a timely manner. We do the heavy lifting for you.

How Can You Use The Warren Group’s Real Estate and Mortgage Data Licensing?

Averages & Trends

Websites & Portals


Analytics & Risk Assessment