Data Licensing

The Most Reliable Source For Essential Property DNA.

The Warren Group collects and records more than 2.6 billion annual public real estate property and transaction data fields a year in New England. From our foundation of first-hand data, we have the capabilities to deliver powerful custom research and data licensing products to our clients regardless of size. With hundreds of data selects – tailored to your specific needs – we understand the local marketplace unlike anyone else.

Benefits Include:

  • Comprehensive Coverage of the New England Marketplace – The Warren Group brings you the most comprehensive database coverage in New England. Informed by more than 2.6 billion public records collected annually.
  • Depth of Data – Choose from hundreds of data selects, many unique to the New England market, so we never normalize or homogenize your data. We specifically collect the data and process the data to meet the needs of New England customers and their everyday work environments.
  • Data Quality – Our data is first-hand and updated in a timely fashion
  • Partnering with Innovation – The Warren Group is committed to partnering and helping you find value from out data. Work together with one of our dedicated Data Specialists as a means of bringing our knowledge and expertise directly to your business.
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