Identify top loan originators with The Warren Group’s new Loan Originator Module. Access the largest and most comprehensive mortgage and property database in New England for loan origination data with round-the-clock interactive access and weekly updates. Take advantage with 24/7 access to data so you can easily view market trends, monitor competitors, and find productive loan officers – across multiple time periods, geographies and more. Identify Loan Originator, NMLS#, company, telephone number, number of loans and volume of loans. Tell us your objectives and we’ll connect you with vital market intelligence to exceed your goals.

Benefits Include:

    • Measure loan origination and loan activity against competition and market activity
    • Recruit leading purchase and non-purchase loan originators
    • Identify loan originators for potential partnership and business relationships
    • Attract new customers and new employees by highlighting your successes
    • Find new opportunities for greater market penetration
    • Create powerful advertising and promotional collateral
    • Deliver company loan originator ranking reports to shareholders and executive boards
    • Fields include loan originator, phone number, and company
    • Ability to print reports in PDF, Excel, and CSV

Loan Originator Module Sample Report

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