The Warren Group’s media and advertising business produces magazines, newspapers and digital offerings to targeted audiences and niches industries throughout the Eastern United States. Our business-to-business publications reach professionals from Maine to Texas in the financial services, banking, legal and CPA sectors.

Our flagship publications, Banker & Tradesman and The Commercial Record, have been equipping all of New England with the latest real estate and banking news and data for more than 140 years.

The Warren Group connects leading trade associations with their members, providing enterprising editorial content and engaging communities. By partnering with a variety of trade associations and business groups, our media and advertising group produces magazines, newspapers, online media and comprehensive trade shows. Our publications and events provide highly targeted marketing opportunities for those seeking to reach decision making professionals in banking, accounting, legal, real estate and construction.


For over 140 years, Banker & Tradesman has covered the residential and commercial real estate and the financial sectors, making it a valued advertising vehicle in the Massachusetts real estate and banking markets. Our staff writers are well versed in their coverage areas, and in the ways those sections of the economy interact and overlap.


The Commercial Record is a multimedia package of vital real estate and business news for all of Connecticut. We’ve been informing developers, commercial real estate owners and investors, brokers, financial professionals, and service providers for the entire real estate market for more than 140 years.