Government Gateway

Welcome to The Warren Group Government Gateway. 

The Government Gateway is a single point of entry for accessing Public Sector Data. You’ll find access to information in New England states and New York, state-specific secure resources such as DMV, DOL, UCC and others, links to commonly used websites, training links and resources, and contact information for questions or support.

Products and Services:

Real Estate Record Search (RERS) is an interactive data search application which currently contains public sector property information for all properties in the states provided. The assessing content is updated annually, and activities such as sales, mortgages, liens, attachments etc. are researched and updated weekly or biweekly dependent upon area.

DOL and DMV references refer to standalone secure access, and are issued to a single user within the specified state.

NH SOS UCC information is provided by a single user login portal. The use is maintained in the NH folder with a link. Current login information is supplied upon interactive request.


The Warren Group – RERS

Department of Labor (DOL)


The Warren Group – RERS

Secretary of State (UCC’s)

Dept of Motor Vehicles (DMV)

New York

The Warren Group – RERS

Secretary of State UCC’s – Corporations