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Accurate Loan Originator Data To Help You Identify And Verify Your Next Hire

Access the largest and most comprehensive lending database in the country with our Loan Originator Module. Take advantage of our data to view market trends, monitor competitors, and find productive loan officers. Our streamlined dashboard was developed with the end user in mind, so you can easily analyze loan originator data across multiple time periods, geographies and more. In fact, we’re so confident in the tremendous value of our data, we want to give you FREE access for seven days.

Features Benefits
In-Depth Ranking Reports Access in-depth ranking reports so you can identify and verify top-performing loan originators in your market – streamlining your recruitment process.
View the Types of Loans Each Originator is Producing Identify which loan originators are leaders in key marketplaces based on different types of loans, including purchase and non-purchase.
Accurate and Timely Data Quickly view data based on YTD, annual, and quarterly options so that you can identify current trends in the marketplace.
Historical Mortgage Data Our database ranges back to 2007, allowing you to identify loan originators with successful track records.
Robust Search Features Measure loan originator activity by geographic area, loan type, and transactions type so you identify top-performing originators and set benchmarks for your team.
Additional Features & Benefits
Features Benefits
Save Search Filters The Loan Originator Module allows you to save search queries you run routinely for quick and easy searches in the future.
Text Message Updates Sign up for monthly alerts so you’ll immediately know when new data is available.
Download Reports in a Variety of Formats The Loan Originator Module’s data is fully exportable as XML, PDF, TXT, or CSV Files, allowing you to quickly and easily share it with colleagues.
Unlimited Access for Multiple Users The Loan Originator Module lets multiple team members sign into the system 24 hours a day, so you’ll always have access to the latest data available.
Superior Customer Service Work one-on-one with your designated account rep for personalized training to ensure you’re getting the most out of the Loan Originator Module.

How Can I Continue To Develop My Lending Team In A Competitive Marketplace?

We Know What You’re Thinking. Let’s Put The Common Misconceptions About Mortgage Data To Rest.

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“My lending operation is too small to utilize loan originator data.”

You have direct competitors in your markets, and loan originator data can help you identify top performers among the competition. 

“Loan originator data can be too expensive.” 

We work with each customer to meet their individual business needs, and we separate ourselves from our competitors by not having a one-size-fits-all mentality. 

“Loan originator data is difficult to analyze.” 

The Loan Originator Module is designed to provide you with an easy understanding of your mortgage data and doesn’t require a dedicated analyst on your staff.

“Loan Originator data can be inaccurate and there can be delays in recordings.”

Our data is the most accurate and timely data in the industry and is collected directly from the original source. 

“I didn’t know loan originator data was available for my market.” 

We provide data throughout the country and allow you to customize your geographic coverage at the county and state levels.

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“My job at the company is to develop new business. I truly believe in the efficiency of my work, my team and running as lean as possible. The module really helps me do that because I can understand the individuals I can target, the volume they have and also the markets. The reports can be customized all the way down to the town level and what types of transactions are taking place on a monthly basis. I can spot trends and see who’s growing and who’s dropping business. I can also see the average loan sizes in communities.”

— Eric Stevens, Sales & Marketing Director, QuickSilva

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