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Trusted Real Estate and Financial Information Since 1872

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Trusted Real Estate and Financial Information Since 1872

Data Solutions

Knowledge is power, and there is no better source for comprehensive real estate information than The Warren Group. Our suite of Data Solutions is flexible and scalable, enabling you to identify actionable, essential information critical to your success. We help you turn information into opportunities by providing rich data and analytical tools.

Business Media

The Warren Group produces magazines, newspapers and digital offerings to link professionals in niche industries. Our flagship publications, Banker & Tradesman and The Commercial Record, have been empowering industry leaders for 140 years. Dozens of trade associations partner with The Warren Group to fulfill media and advertising needs.


The Warren Group’s Events connect professionals across the banking, finance, real estate and legal industries. Groups from Maryland to Massachusetts rely on The Warren Group to develop, produce and market trade shows, conferences and custom events year round. The Warren Group engages audiences, helping industry leaders learn, network and succeed.