Traditional Reports

Gain an informed, competitive advantage with MarketShare reports.

With customized reporting, you can easily compile competitive comparisons and market analyses. Simply tell us your lending focus and we’ll create an objective solution that’s right for you.

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  • Rankings by number of loans (purchase, non-purchase, and all loans)
  • YTD number of loans, total dollar value, and percent market share
  • Year end number of loans by loan officer, and total dollar value (only in Massachusetts)
  • Period number of loans, and total dollar value
  • Choose from Residential, Commercial or All Reports


Web Module

Know your competition and sharpen your competitive edge like never before with our Mortgage MarketShare Module.

Mortgage competition is heating up. Now more than ever, tracking productivity and analyzing competition is vital to success. That is why we have taken our Mortgage MarketShare Reports to new heights.

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  • Accurately track commercial and/or residential lending
  • Measure sales performance against competition and market activity
  • Identify high-performing competitors
  • Locate and target emerging markets
  • Determine sales territories and quotas
  • Benchmark the productivity of originators and offices
  • Track historical rankings and market share trends
  • Demonstrate compliance with the Community Reinvestment Act



Specialty Reports

Loan Originator MarketShare Report (Massachusetts Only)

Our Loan Originator Report gives you the ability to dissect and analyze the mortgage lending market.  We build custom reports so you can easily view market trends, monitor competitors, and find productive loan originators across multiple time periods, geographies and more.


  • Measure sales performance against competition and market activity
  • View rankings by number of loans (purchase, non-purchase, and all loans)
  • Sort by loan volume or dollar volume, lender and more
  • Examine total dollar value, and percent market share at the town, county or state level

 Loan Originators Sample Report

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